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With poivY you can make free calls over the internet to any of your friends
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PoivY is a program that will let you make phone calls over the Internet. You will be able to use this program to talk to other PoivY users for free – with selected countries and for a limited amount of time – or send SMS and call to regular phone lines for a fee. And all of this just using your computer and your Internet connection. Additionally, you can make some short free calls to certain destinations, in order to test the program.

In order to use this service, you must open an account with PoivY, which can be done from the program’s interface. When launching the program for the first time, it will test and rate your bandwidth, configure your microphone and speakers, and will perform a free test call at the end of the process.

The program will show you how much credit you have in your account. If you have no credit, you can only make free calls. You can buy credit through your credit card, PayPal or Western Union, depending on the country you are living in.

The program allows you to create a caller ID that will identify your calls as being made from your landline or a mobile phone. The company will call to the name you gave them, and they will ask you to enter a code to validate your account. In addition, you can use the program’s built-in phone book to store the information of your contacts. It will keep a record of the calls made and the incoming calls.

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